Julia Cameron says the Artist’s Way begins as an “exercise in open-mindedness” and from there becomes an exercise in saying YES! to the creative force within you. When you do, you will begin to blossom as surely as the flowers bloom in spring. You won’t be able to stop it, because the universe is waiting to nurture you along the way if only you will agree. As Julia says, “Leap and the net will appear!” Are you ready to become more than you believed possible?

I first engaged with the Artist’s Way program as a group member around 2010. It was life altering for me and launched me on a beautiful new trajectory. After that, I taught/facilitated the program most every year until the pandemic.
The Artist’s Way is designed to run 12 weeks, although I have often taught it in 10 weeks. Now I have developed a one-day immersion in the principles of the Artist’s Way to jump start the transformation. It is so powerful it can begin to turn your heart around so quickly.

Ms. Cameron subtitled her book and program “A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. ” It’s not in any way a religious program, but it does reveal to us that we are not left alone as artists — whatever your preferred medium. Creative energy is the core nature of the universe, and when we take one step toward that energy, the universe will take two steps toward us. I know it works, Because I’ve seen it time and time again.         
                                                                                           ~Gary Broughman

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